Term and
Subject of the Contract foresee the Parties agreed to sell and deliver, and buy
and accept electricity during delivery period from 01.10.2016– 31.10.2016,
continuous delivery from Monday to Sunday from hours 00:00 through 24:00.

Delivery of
electricity shall be guaranteed during the full Contract term except where the
Seller’s Non-performance is excused by an event of Force Majeure and/or
non-performance due to Remounts and tripping of the interconnection
transmission lines, under Clause 10 and 11, or the Buyer’s failure to comply
with the terms and conditions of the Contract. Buyer shall accept and pay for
the electricity delivered by the Seller according to the Clause 1 of the

shall be delivered and accepted at the following delivery/acceptance point(s)
inside Albanian High Voltage Grid, delivered in base load, 0 – 24 h CET. Title
to, and risk of loss of, energy delivered under this contract shall pass from
the Seller to the Buyer at the delivery point.

shall confirm the schedules of electricity delivery/acceptance with the
Administrator of the Contract for the whole electricity supply in accordance
with all applicable rules and other customary industry practices and
procedures. The daily schedule shall be agreed between Parties with weekly
agreements, i.e. each Thursday up to 12:00 h; daily programs shall be declared
and agreed for the next week, Monday till Sunday.

In case that
the agreed weekly programs are changed, the Parties are obliged to inform each
other thereof until 12:00 h CET on day ahead or intraday basis. The delivery
program will be agreed under mutual confirmations. In case of changes to the
Weekly Delivery Schedules pursuant to above mentioned paragraph, the Daily
Delivery Schedules shall be considered fulfilled with a maximum daily tolerance
of ± 10% baseload, only under the condition that the total Quantity agreed by this
contract is 100% realised. The delivery/acceptance of electricity shall be
carried out in accordance with the common conditions of the Union for the
Co-ordination of Transmission of Electricity (UCTE).

The Seller
of electricity shall transmit to the Buyer in the course of the calendar month
following delivery of electricity according to the Delivery Schedule for the
previous month an invoice setting forth the total quantities of electricity
that were sold by it in the previous calendar month (invoicing period), whereas
the respective invoice must bear the issuance date September 30st, 2016. The
invoice shall clearly state the price and value of delivered electricity in
EURO, whereas based on such value of OSHEE Sh.a electricity the amount of VAT
shall be calculated and included in the invoice.

connection with such invoice the Seller may state all amounts then owed between
the contracting Parties which are closely connected and derive from the
obligations of this Contract. The Buyer is obliged to pay no later than on 90th
day following the last day of delivery, in this specific case, January 30th
2017. Overdue payments shall bear interest from and including the due date for
payment, up to the date of late payment if such is made, at a rate equal to the
one month EURIBOR for 11:00 a.m. on the due date plus 2% per annum.