During the last few weeks, three power exchanges went live in Southeast Europe. SEEPEX a.d. Beograd (SEEPEX) started operating a day-ahead wholesale electricity market on 17 February after the launch of the Independent Bulgarian Power Exchange EAD (IBEX) and the Hrvatska Burza Električne Energije d.o.o. (CROPEX) earlier this year. These developments will give a further push towards electricity market integration in the region and highlight the importance of the daily timeframe as a reference for electricity trading. Further initiatives towards coupling all national markets of Southeast Europe with the Pan-European Multi-Regional Coupling area are expected from all Contracting Parties.

Full price coupling of the EU Member States and Energy Community Contracting Parties regions is the only way to bring sufficient liquidity into the respective markets, which are characterised by small, incumbent dominated structures. For that to happen, cooperation of the national power exchanges with their European counterparts in a way that supports swift market integration is highly welcome. Integrating the national day-ahead markets through coupling in order to create a reference price shall no longer be a distant prospect in the region,” stressed Director Kopač.

The recommendation to cooperate with experienced EU players in the operation of organised markets was also included in the “Policy Guidelines on the Promotion of Organised Electricity Markets” issued by the Energy Community Secretariat and addressed to all Contracting Parties.

Policy Guidelines on the Promotion of Organised Electricity Markets in the Contracting Parties